T-Mobile Tuesday Gets New Gifts Like Free Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings, and PetSmart


T-Mobile is quite proud of the T-Mobile Tuesdays initiative, claiming to have provided millions of free goodies to customers all across America. To be ever more exact, the carrier states it has thanked over 4 million customers with 14 million gifts. That’s quite the thanking.

Moving forward, T-Mobile announced it is bringing new gifts into the mix, partnering with new companies to freshen it up. Next week, customers can take advantage of a free 6″ chicken sub from Subway. Additionally, a few lucky people can win Subway-catered parties, with one lucky individual winning free Subway sandwiches for an entire year. 

Beyond Subway, T-Mobile will also be giving away Buffalo Wild Wings goodies, as well as PetSmart. On Tuesday, September 13, PetSmart will join T-Mobile Tuesdays to raise awareness of its upcoming National Adoption Weekend event in all stores. We doubt T-Mobile is giving everyone a free puppy, but that’d be sweet.

For additional details on what to expect from T-Mobile Tuesdays in the coming weeks, check out T-Mo’s complete blog by following the link below.

Have you been enjoying your free stuff from T-Mobile Tuesdays? That $0.25 off Shell gas was pretty clutch earlier this week, not going to lie.

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