Clear Ballistic Case Renders Give Great Look at Upcoming LG V20


Well, here’s the LG V20, at least according to Ballistic who have posted up renders of the device suited up in the Elsa Jewel Case. Published to the Petra website, where the case is available for purchase ($20), we get a clear look at what the V20 might have to offer.

From what these renders show us, LG is sticking with its custom skin (no surprise there), even though the device will be the first to launch with Android 7.0 “Nougat.” Additionally, the device will most definitely come with a secondary display on the frontside. 

On the backside, we can see the dual cameras (should be extremely similar to the G5’s setup), fingerprint reader, and what appears to be little dimples. Our guess is that these dots are part of the case’s “jewel” design and hopefully not the V20’s. If those dots are on the V20, we’re looking at Galaxy S5 Band-Aid drama all over again.

These images don’t provide a great look at whether we can expect modularity with the V20. The last images we saw, which can be viewed here, detailed what appeared to be a button mechanism. That mechanism is what detaches the bottom portion of the device, allowing for battery swapping and modularity. Guess we’ll just have to remain patient.

Share your thoughts on these renders below.

V20 V20 2 V20 3 V20 1

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