Google Bringing WiFi Assistant, Once a Project Fi Exclusive, to All Nexus Devices


WiFi Assistant, a feature once exclusive to Project Fi users, will soon be available for all Nexus owners in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Nordic countries. WiFi Assistant allows users to automatically connect to open WiFi networks that Google has verified as fast and reliable. For example, if you are strolling through a store that has open WiFi, your phone will automatically connect to it if your cell service is poor. It’s one of the reasons Project Fi is so nice to use. 

According to Google, this feature will be made available to all supported devices over the coming weeks. Once it is live, there is one simple step to take for you to enable the feature. Simply open the Settings on your phone, head to “Google” then “Networking.” Once inside, enable “Wi-Fi Assistant” with the on/off switch.

As mentioned, you may not see it quite yet, but it should be available very soon. When your device is connected to a network via WiFi Assistant, the notification bar on your device will show a VPN “key” logo. That logo looks like this – . As for your WiFi connection, it will say, “Connected via WiFi Assistant.”


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