Samsung S Health Updates to V5.0, Gets More Social


In the last update to Samsung’s S Health, the company pushed out leaderboards and challenges, hoping to make the fitness app more robust and social. Today, the update to v5.0 is taking social to another level by reorganizing the app to some degree and putting forth a section called “Together” that features dedicated social features. 

Once the 5.0 update hits your phone, you’ll see a new layout that features sections for Me, Together, and Discover. Me, obviously, is about you and your current health or fitness state. The Together section, though, is where you’ll see challenges and leaderboards (from the previous update) with encouragement, like visibility over friends fitness happenings. There are step challenges there as well, along with the ability to share your happenings socially (via Facebook).

Outside of the new layout, Samsung is introducing an “Ask Experts” service where users can ask healthcare professionals questions about their health. As of now, this is only available in Korea, but should rollout to new countries at some point.

Finally, “dynamic content” for healthy living and workout tips (even health info and relevant news) can be found in that previously mentioned Discover tab. Think of it as a FAQ or informational section about current health trends to help keep you healthy and “stay motivated.”



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