Auralux: Constellations, a Sequel, Launches August 25 on Android


For fans of the original Auralux game, launching all the way back in July of 2012, the sequel is inbound! While the original launched with a Tegra-exclusive tag, it appears the sequel will not be device specific, allowing everyone to enjoy the real-time strategy gaming that is Auralux. Titled Auralux: Constellations, the sequel is essentially the same game as the original, but with a few new features that are definitely worth mentioning. 

Topping the list of new features is online multiplayer, where up to four players can wage planetary war against each other. Other features include a whole library of new levels, as well as added variables that you would only find in space. These variables are black holes, supernovas, and wormholes. It’s about to get real, trust me.

If Auralux gameplay confuses you, think of it like Archipelago, a similar title that’s been around for a long time. Basically, you are provided a starting force and planet. This planet produces unit forces for you to take other planets and battle either AI or enemy players. Strategy comes in when you need to decide whether the time is right to either defend, attack, or not do anything at all.

The game will launch on August 25 for Android and iOS. Get hyped.

As soon as the game is out, we will hit you up with the link.

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