Inbox by Gmail Gets Organized Trello, Github, and Google Alerts Updates


Inbox by Gmail, the other email solution from Google that continues to see innovation and automation, is receiving an update today that makes it easier to stay on top of projects and Google Alerts, thanks to better organization from the first rollout of services integration. The update also brings Google Drive support, drag-and-drop of contacts between recipient boxes, and a delete button. 

In an announcement post describing the features, Google says that they have worked with both Trello (project management service) and GitHub (software collab platform) to offer summaries, similar to what they rolled out with Calendar and newsletter grouping back in April. These summaries sum-up related items into a single grouping to help you see the latest on projects. Check out the GIF below to see how they’ll look.

With Google Alerts summaries, Google really is using the newsletter summary approach where they’ll toss new alerts into a summarize inbox item that can easily be read or marked as done.

Finally, Google announced that Google Drive links can now be easily inserted into emails, drag-and-drop between contact fields is included, and a delete button has made its way onto the web.


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