RIP: Hulu's Free Streaming Option Coming to an End


In the coming weeks, Hulu will be locked to subscription holders only, ending the days where folks could enjoy tons of free TV shows, with a few advertisements here and there. As for the cost of a subscription, Hulu charges $7.99/month with commercials and a $10.99/month plan that is commercial free. 

As Hulu looks to compete with services like Netflix and Amazon, it is reported that the company will launch a live-TV service next year in 2017. This service should feature a standard linear TV experience, complete with channels from parent companies. No exact details of the package or pricing have been confirmed.

While this news will be bad for anyone who was using Hulu’s free option to stream a bit of TV, you can still utilize Yahoo’s new View website. If Yahoo View sounds new to you, that’s because it very much is. Yahoo View is yet another ad-supported TV-streaming website that grants viewers access to the last five episodes from top TV shows, eight days after they air. To see what they have from Hulu, look here.

Will this news be affecting your daily regiment of TV intake?

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