Google Search Makes Finding the Hot Spots in Cities Easier


Imagine you are visiting San Francisco, but only have 24 hours to cram in as much fun stuff as you can. In a city like SF, where there is something to do on every corner, Google wants to ensure that you are only seeing, doing, and eating the best of the best.

Beginning now, when users type a certain type of food into Google Search, the results will be filled with lists of must-try locations. For example, if you type in “hamburgers,” the results will return as normal. However, the top listings will also feature reviews from top critics and best-of lists from reputable publishers. Essentially, Google is attempting to weed out the not-so-favorable locations from listings. 

For select locations, Google will also list how long people are typically at a place, allowing those who are down to the minute planners make sure they are squeezing every fun second out of a day.

These changes are live right now in Google Search.

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