BlackBerry Launches Hub+ Suite of Apps for Android 6.0+ Devices


BlackBerry announced the Hub+ suite of applications this morning, not limited to just BlackBerry devices. In fact, any Android device running Android 6.0+ can use these apps free of charge and ad-free, at least for a limited time. Inside this suite is the Hub app itself, the unified inbox that helps users keep their email and messages organized, while also secured.

In addition to Hub, BlackBerry is allowing everyone to download its Password Keeper application (self explanatory, I hope), Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Launcher, and more. The apps are the exact same you would find on any recently launched BlackBerry Android device. 

As for how BB intends to monetize them, a free 30-day trial is available for the suite, but after the trial expires, the apps will contain advertisements. However, if ads aren’t your thing, you can pay $0.99 a month for usage of the entire suite with no ads.

For everyone who appreciates BlackBerry’s apps, but definitely doesn’t want to use their hardware, this is probably the best news ever. Follow the links below to check out the apps.

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