Galaxy Note 7 Availability and Pricing


Ready to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Or maybe you just want to know how much this bad boy is going to cost? We’ve got some of that info for you below, which is a good thing since pre-orders do open tonight almost everywhere. 

In general, just know that this phone is quite expensive. AT&T and T-Mobile are both asking $850 or higher at full retail and the monthly payment options are basically $30 per month or higher. If the Note 7 is for you, it might be time to clear out that credit card.

Some info has not yet been provided, so stay tuned as we’ll update this post over the next few hours.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 7 from AT&T, hit up this link.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 7 from T-Mobile, hit up this link.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 7 from Verizon, hit up this link.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 7 from Sprint, hit up this link.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Note 7 from US Cellular, we’ll do our best to get you a link when it goes live.

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