Here is Where to Watch Tomorrow's Galaxy Note 7 Livestream


Finally, we’re on the eve of Samsung’s unveiling event for the Galaxy Note 7. Tomorrow morning at 11AM ET (9AM PT) in New York City, Samsung will livestream all of the Unpacked happenings, and of course, you can watch it in virtual reality via a Gear VR headset — if that’s your thing.

To get in on the action, users can view the livestream on Samsung’s website here, or can stream it via YouTube. To take advantage of the VR stream, YouTube will probably be the easiest place to fire up the 360-degree stream. However, to be clear, users can watch it in a standard mode or VR mode on YouTube or Samsung’s website. 

Tomorrow before the show starts, we will be sure to share a link directly to the stream again, just to make sure you don’t miss any of the important details.

Are you excited yet?

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