Google Wants You to Know That It has All of Your Rio Olympics 2016 Coverage


With the Rio Olympics kicking off on Friday with the opening ceremony, Google wants you to know that they have you covered in terms of easy-to-find info about the games. Just by searching within the Google App, you’ll find everything from event schedules, medal counts, and athlete info to results and highlights. You can even use Google apps to explore Rio and the various venues holding events. 

Below, you’ll find the list of suggestions for using Google to keep you informed on the latest in Rio Olympics news, but the image above will give you specific examples. For one, you could search for “Usain Bolt Rio 2016” to see if his hamstring held up or “Gymnastics rio 2016” to see how badly the women’s US team dominated the world.

As a “pro tip,” Google notes that if you use the Google apps on Android or iOS, searching for Olympics news will give you the option to receive “automatic updates on top event and medal wins, so you’ll never miss a beat.”

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