Sprint Posts Best Postpaid Additions in Nine Years, Says LTE Plus is Getting Faster


Sprint is reporting excellent fiscal Q1 numbers, detailing its best postpaid phone net additions in nine years. According to Sprint, the company’s “focus on delivering the best value proposition in wireless,” resulted in the fourth consecutive quarter of positive net additions with 173,000 in the quarter, compared to net losses of 12,000 in fiscal Q1 of 2015. To put that in layman’s, Sprint is now gaining more postpaid customers than it is losing, and for this company, that’s a major victory.

The company even credits its marketing campaign featuring the “Can you hear me now?” guy. Stated in the press release, “The campaign has been one of the most successful in company history. The ad has been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube and the company became postpaid net port positive against all three national carriers for the first time in over five years.”

More importantly for customers, Sprint discussed its plan for LTE Plus network expansion. Combining a tri-band spectrum portfolio along with LTE Advanced features, LTE Plus launched in 33 additional markets, bringing its grand total to 237 across the country. Sprint details that it plans a densification and optimization of the LTE Plus network, leading to better data speeds and networks reliability.

The Sprint LTE Plus Network, which combines a rich tri-band spectrum portfolio with the LTE Advanced features of carrier aggregation and antenna beamforming, launched in 33 additional markets, increasing the total to 237 markets across the country.

For a more thorough look at Sprint’s fiscal Q1 numbers, check out the via below.

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