Bubble Zoom in Google Play Books is the Best Way to Read Digital Comics


Introduced at the best time, given this week is SDCC, Google Play Books is getting a new feature exclusively for those who enjoy reading comic books on digital devices such as tablets and smartphones. Called Bubble Zoom, this feature intelligently recognizes text bubbles inside of digital comics, allowing users to follow a storyline more interactively. It gives off the sense that the comic is alive, making the act of reading a bit more fun.

To get this feature working, all a reader must do is tap on the screen and the text bubbles will follow along with your taps. It’s not automated, so you don’t need to worry about the bubbles going too fast. 

According to Google, Bubble Zoom will be made available on the latest version of Play Books for Android as a technical preview with all Marvel and DC collected volumes supported. To celebrate the launch, Google is hosting a 50% sale on select DC and Marvel comics, too. Use the code SDCC2016 at checkout by July 24 to take advantage.

Looking forward, Google’s hope is to bring Bubble Zoom to every single comic and manga title they offer.

To get a sense of what this Bubble Zoom feature looks like, check it out below. Pretty cool, right?


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