Twitter Will Soon Let You Apply to be Verified


The blue badge will soon be somewhat easier to attain, Twitter friends. The social platform announced today that they will open an online application process to allow users to apply, in a way, for Verified status on Twitter. That’s big news for those who think they deserve to be Verified, but have never figured out how to get there, mostly because Twitter has never had a public process for doing so.

For those not familiar with the blue badge, think of it as a way for Twitter users to know that the accounts they are seeing or considering following or retweeting are “key individuals or organizations” that are authentic and not some troll account. You’ll see the blue badge next to public figures, musicians, celebrities, fashion brands, politicians, athletes and sports organizations, and journalists or news outlets. 

We have the blue badge and have had it for years. Wait, are we the only Android site who is Verified? I’ll let you check on that.

Once the application process opens, you’ll need to have your account in proper standing with things like verified phone numbers, a bio, profile photo, and a website. You can see the full list of recommended settings here. You’ll find the form to apply for Verified status here.

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