Photos Give Another Possible Look at Upcoming Galaxy Note 7


August 2 is coming up real fast, and on that day, we will get a real good look at what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy Note 7. Until then, we have to rely on images taken by leaksters. These photos are typically never high quality and usually feature plenty of shaky hands, but hey, that’s the business of leaking.

In the latest batch of photos, we see someone handling the device, showing it from different angles. While we cannot say whether this is the real deal, it does align very well with all of the previous leaks and renders we have seen. On the front there are the capacitive buttons, fingerprint scanner, plus that big and beautiful AMOLED display. 

One important note, take a look at the edges of the phone. As was already reported, the Galaxy Note 7 should feature a dual edged display, but probably not the same type of edge that we see on the Edge line of Galaxy S7 devices. These appear to be much more subtle, providing that bezel-less look that so many smartphone fans appreciate. Beyond that, there is not much too much else to see.

Take a look at the photos, then let us know if you’re feeling hyped for the Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 2 Galaxy Note 7 1Galaxy Note 7 3Galaxy Note 7 4Galaxy Note 7 5

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