T-Mobile Offers Families of Four or More Cheaper Plans, Free Galaxy On5 Phones


It seems that T-Mobile announces a new “best deal ever” about once a week, and this week, it’s no different. Beginning tomorrow, T-Mobile is kicking off its “Best. Deal. Ever.” This deal is geared specifically toward families of four or more, who are preparing this summer to send kiddies back to school. To provide you with the no BS version of what T-Mobile is offering, let’s take a look.

As I stated, the deal is for families of four or more – up to 12, specifically. T-Mobile is offering four lines of 6GB for $30 a month per line, and for each line, the carrier is providing a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Is it a Galaxy S7? No. Is it a Galaxy S6? Absolutely not. The free Galaxy smartphone is the Galaxy On5, a device that retails for $140.

The On5 features a 5-inch TFT (thin-film-transistordisplay, 5MP rear-facing camera, 2MP front-facing camera, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of built-in storage, microSD support (up to 128GB), and runs Android 6.0. For $140 at retail, but free thanks to this promotion, that doesn’t seem too bad for a child in middle school who is lucky enough to have a smartphone. If you attempt to give this phone to your teenage daughter, though, she may threaten to run away and date that boy you really aren’t too sure about. Is he on the up and up? Unlikely.

Anyway, as for the plan itself, T-Mobile is providing 6GB lines for $30 a month. Since T-Mobile is offering the phones via bill credits, none of that cost will reflect on your monthly total. You will only be paying $30 per line you have open. Again, the max is 12 lines at the $30 (per 6GB) price per line. For those who may ask, yes, that means you can get up to 12 free smartphones, too.

If 6GB is not enough data, families can opt to pay $40 per line for 10GB of high-speed data, limited to the first four lines. Each other line over four is stuck at the 6GB limit a month.

There are quite a few more details you may want to look over if this plan sounds tempting. All of the details can be viewed here.

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