Giveaway: Show Off Your Pokémon GO Collection, Win Google Play Credit (Update: Winners Selected)


Over this weekend, the Pokémon GO servers were up and running, allowing me to put aside my complaining and catch some Pokémon. To see just where you currently sit, we invite you to post up your collection via device screenshots. Maybe enticing you into doing so, we will be giving out Google Play credit at random to a few of those who share their collection. Not everyone will win, but hey, it’s easy and fun for the whole family. 

We have ten (10) $10 Google Play credit codes to share. This money can be put towards Pokémon coins or anything else you may want to buy with it. Maybe you can rent the original Pokémon movie and relive your childhood? It’s up to you. To share your collection, take a screenshot of your best Pokémon, then attach the image in a comment down below. That can be done by clicking the little image upload button pictured here. You can use Imgur or other popular photo sharing sites, too. Just be sure your link ends with “.jpg” or “.png” and it should display properly.

Our winners will be selected at random from the comments section below. How many upvotes you receive on your post or anything like that will not weigh the results, so don’t worry if your post ends up at the bottom. You have just as much chance of winning as posts that are on top.

Our ten winners will be selected today at 3:30PM Pacific (6:30PM Eastern).

I’ll get the party started. Here’s my collection!

Pokemon GO Screenies 8Pokemon GO 1Pokemon GO 2Pokemon GO 3

Get to it, trainers!

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