DEAL: Amazon Dash Buttons All $0.99 Today, Include $5 Credit for First Use


Amazon Dash Buttons, the programmable buttons that allow you to order all sorts of your favorite household items with a single press, are discounted today to just $0.99. Since they normally retail for $4.99 a piece, I’d say that this is a deal worth jumping on if you are a Prime member.

How do Dash Buttons work? They are super simple, thanks to setup via the Amazon Android app, and have become a part of my shopping routine, especially when it comes to things like paper towels, toilet paper, tissue paper, air fresheners, and even bottled water. In fact, Dash Buttons have all but killed off any need for me to go to Target, which is an amazing thing to say. 

With a Dash Button, you purchase the button that is specific to a product you might want to order regularly (or maybe infrequently too) from Amazon (like laundry detergent). You then program that button through the Amazon shopping app to order your specific detergent, so that with the press of that button, Amazon will place an order and send it via Prime shipping. It’s really that easy.

For example, my wife orders bottled water from Amazon and so we have a Smart Water Dash Button on our fridge. As she runs out, she punches the button and within 2 days, we have another 6-pack of water. We also have a Clorox Wipes button that sits in our laundry room with other cleaning supplies. If someone uses the last wipe, they tap the button and within a couple of days, we have another 3-pack of wipes. You could do cat littler too, or shampoo, baby food, Doritos, Red Bull, and condoms. Yes, condoms have a dash button.

On top of the discount, Amazon is also giving out $4.99 credits after you press your buttons for the first time. Since the buttons are just a $1, they are more than paying for themselves with the credit included.

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