OnePlus Releases 3.2.0 Update, Pulls It, Now Slowly Rolling Out 3.2.1


Earlier this week, OnePlus made the update to OxygenOS 3.2.0 available for a little bit, then pulled it rather abruptly. Today, the company is back, stating update 3.2.1 is rolling out slowly to all OnePlus 3 owners.

On top of the original changes, which includes the sRGB display changes, RAM management improvements, as well as GPS performance fixes, OnePlus claims that they also fixed “some notification issues.” 

OnePlus stresses in the OP forums that this is an incremental rollout, meaning if you have been patiently awaiting this update, you are probably still going to be waiting for a little while. There is no timeframe provided for when they expect 100% rollout, so hang in there, OP3 owners.

Also, semi-related, is it seriously only Kellen and I who are experiencing this on-screen back button issue?

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