Snapchat Update Brings Memories, a Collection of Favorited Stories and Photos


In an old update for Snapchat, the app introduced Stories. With Stories, users could upload short videos and photos to a single feed that could be shared with friends. As things happened in a day, you could update your Story, and it was a great way to let friends in on what you were up to. Now, Snapchat introduces Memories, and everything that was authentic and real about Stories is going right out the window. 

With Memories, users can save a personal collection of favorited Snaps and Stories, then send new Snaps made from Memories. For example, say you went to a friend’s birthday party last weekend, had a blast, and don’t want to lose those videos and photos once Snapchat deletes them. Now, you can save those clips into potentially longer Memories. The keyword is longer.

While this sounds like a positive for users, many on the internet argue that its Snapchat’s spontaneity that made it fun in the first place. Each day your friend uploads a new Story, only to be wiped clean the next day. Now, your friends can spam you with older photos and videos, which goes against what users think Snapchat should be about. However, with a larger surface of video and photos for Snapchat to play with it, it is believed that the company will look to inject more advertisements into these Memories.

Personally, I liked it when Snapchat was only photos and everything was seemingly deleted after 10 seconds. All that has changed, and since then, I rarely find myself using the service.

Check out what Snapchat has to say about Memories below, then be on the lookout for the update in Google Play.

Memories is a new way to save a personal collection of your favorite Snaps and Stories. Make new Stories, send Snaps from Memories, and easily find the moments you’re looking for with search. You’ll receive a Chat from Team Snapchat when Memories is available for you to use.

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