DEALS: Verizon Galaxy S7 for $415, Refurb Nexus 6P for $335 at eBay


With earlier-in-the-day phone talk all surrounding new Nexus and unlocked Galaxy S7s, we will now direct your attention to two similar devices that are being sold at decent discounts. eBay currently has the Verizon Galaxy S7 for just $414.99 and the Nexus 6P (refurbished by Huawei) for as low as $335.99 with coupon codes. 

For each phone, you’ll see prices of $429.99 and $349.99 listed, but if you use coupon code “cruisen2summer” at checkout, you’ll slash another $15 off, which brings us to the $415 and $335 prices.

If you are interested in the Galaxy S7 from Verizon, the seller is listing it as “new,” but does say that the earbuds are not included in the box. That’s odd. The phone is available in either black or gold, though, and will work on Verizon only, for the most part. This isn’t a GSM unlocked version from what I can tell. Still, $415 is a $257 discount over what Verizon will charge you.

If the Nexus 6P with 32GB of storage is your thing, just know that this is a refurbished version, but it has been refurbished by Huawei, according to the listing. this phone, which appears to be in gold, will work on all major US carriers, just like the versions you buy from Google.

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