Nike SNKRS Update Brings Fingerprint Authentication for Purchasing, Release Widget


Beware, sneaker talk incoming. If you aren’t into shoes, please move along. For those who utilize Nike’s SNKRS app to grab the latest launches from The Swoosh, an update is bringing features that might help with a more speedy checkout process.

Once the app is updated, users can take advantage of fingerprint authentication when purchasing, allowing you to skip additional security when making a purchase. With this baked in, you will simply select a shoe to add to your cart, confirm your size, shipping address, and payment info, then tap your finger to proceed with the purchase. On Saturday morning when you are racing to scoop the latest heat, this will certainly come in handy. 

Also baked into the update, a newly added widget will help keep you up to date on what launches are coming up. This widget takes the feed from the list of shoe types you are interested in, which could be anything from women’s running shoes, to the latest from LeBron, Kobe, and Kevin Durant.

Lastly, an updated Inbox feature will keep you informed of any Drawings you won, you lost, or other processed order information directly from Nike.

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