Android Mini Collectibles Series 06 Will Arrive This Summer


The last time we saw a new series of Android mini collectibles was all the way back in February of 2015. Without hearing any details of a new series in over a year, we were actually starting to wonder if the Dead Zebra and Andrew Bell-backed project had run its course. Today, though, those silly thoughts were confirmed to be garbage. 

Andrew Bell took to the Dead Zebra newsletter moments ago to announce that the Android Mini Collectibles Series 06 set would arrive “this summer.” There will be 16 designs overall, many of which will be previewed over the coming weeks. The full set will then make its debut at Comic Con in San Diego towards the end of July before stopping off for sale at your local toy shops.

Artists this time include these folks: Andrea Kang, Colus, Dwaine Morris, Igor Ventura, Jessica Wang, Nathan Jurevicius and Otto Bjornik.

Don’t care about mini collectibles? Fine. Here are some new coffee mugs to consider.


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