Monday Poll: Do You Use a Custom ROM?


It’s no secret, we have pretty much entirely stopped talking about custom ROMs. Sure, we used to adore them and use them on all of our phones, but that was years ago. Times have changed, Android has matured, and frankly, custom ROMs don’t offer all that much these days in terms of added benefits over running whatever stock software your device comes with.

While the arguments that are pro the usage of custom ROMs will always be legitimate, such as custom themes and the de-bloating of smartphones thanks to added privileges, I would argue that the number one reason for rooting and ROM’ing back in the day was speed. With a custom ROM, you could load up a hotrod kernel, overclock that puppy, and all of a sudden your OG DROID is running like a million bucks. Ah, yes, those were good times, but sadly, like everything else, all good things must come to an end.

So, have your rooting and custom ROM days passed, or are you still clinging onto them? And if you are, please, share your wisdom with us non-custom ROM common folk.

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