Don't Miss These Android Stories: June 17, 2016


The past two weeks have been pretty awesome if you consider yourself a tech fan. At the end of last week, we got the Moto Z and now this week, the tech lords have given us the OnePlus 3 (which you can buy now!), WWDC, Android N Developer Preview 4, and Android apps on Chromebooks. I’m a fool and missed most of it by being on vacation, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome.

In case you missed any of the fun, we have the biggest stories of the week linked for you below. 

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    Facebook Investors Slam Zuckerberg, Andreessen

    The suit alleges that Andreessen, the founder of Netscape and Zuckerberg's long-time mentor, secretly tipped off the CEO about concerns raised by other members of Facebook's board of directors while Zuckerberg was in the process of getting the company shares reclassified so he could maintain control.They worked to protect Zuckerberg's interests at the expense of shareholders, according to the complaint filed in the Court of Chancery in the state of Delaware.
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    Download Apps For Free: Search results for wall

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    Empowering and Securing Digital Workspaces

    Download Digital transformation (DX) is the driving force behind new worldwide initiatives in financial services.However, a recent IDC survey discovered that fewer than 5% of institutions have started or completed a digital transformation strategy.
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    Speakers Become Latest Threat to Your Digital Security

    Any device attached to your PC should be viewed as a threat, and that now includes your speakers.As Engadget reports, a team of researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel created a proof-of-concept software hack that turns your computer speakers into a microphone.