Report: Samsung Will Unveil the New Galaxy Note on August 2, Release It Immediately


According to the latest intel from overseas, Samsung is set to begin mass production of the newest Galaxy Note device starting next month in July. Detailed by orders for parts, Samsung is expected to produce 2.5 million units in July alone, followed by another 2.5 million in August, totaling 5 million units produced in the two month period. Last year, Samsung produced 5 million units of the Galaxy Note 5 in an entire quarter, making it pretty obvious that the company expects to sell a ton of Galaxy Note 6 (or Galaxy Note 7) handsets worldwide. 

While still not confirmed, it is also reported that on August 2 in New York City, Samsung will host an unveiling event for the device. Not only will the public view the launch, but will also have the option to purchase the phone immediately following the announcement. This is thought to be the main reason why Samsung is ramping up production so quickly, giving credit to our theory that buyers tend to make impulse buys whenever possible.

The report also details that Samsung has opted to use a dual-edge AMOLED display on the next Galaxy Note, similar to what is used on the Galaxy S7 Edge, but maybe not as curved.

Personally, we have been major fans of phones being available directly following announcement. For example, when HTC launched the One M8 immediately on Verizon during the announcement, that was incredibly clutch. As we saw this week, OnePlus scored big time points by making the OnePlus 3 available for purchase on the same day as announcement, too. These days, when people are always waiting for the next big thing, you have to strike quickly if you are to sell any phones.

As we near the reported announcement date, we will surely see more details released.

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