OnePlus 3 Unboxing and Tour!


Hey, we have a OnePlus 3 in house! No, we don’t have a review yet, but that won’t stop us from diving into this device from the beginning and sharing that journey with you as it unfolds.

As a recap, the OnePlus 3 was announced yesterday and made available moments after that initial announcement. You can buy OnePlus’ latest flagship today for $399 and you may have it within a week (or less). That’s awesome, if you are already blown away by the 3 after reading early reviews. By all means, it ticks a lot of the boxes that smartphone nerds get excited about.

Since we just received our review unit from OnePlus and it came in special packaging, we thought we’d kick this off as we always do with a classic unboxing. During this clip, you’ll see what accessory are available, how the phone is packaged, and hear our initial impressions. Spoiler, they are good.

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