OnePlus Posts Camera Samples From OnePlus 3


With June 14 set as the unveiling date for the OnePlus 3, the company took to Twitter this morning to show off what the phone’s rear-facing camera is capable of. Reported to feature a 16MP shooter, it would appear that OnePlus took the phone out to the coast, up to Mt. Everest (unlikely, probably a different mountain), a fireworks show, and the marina.

After looking over the photos, I will say that they look pretty good, although, I wouldn’t expect a company to post any bad photos. At least on Twitter, OnePlus did not mention if these photos were touched up before posting to the web, but if they were, that would defeat the purpose of showing off the camera’s capabilities.

OnePlus asked its followers to pick their favorite, so I will do just that. For me, it’s the mountain. If you zoom in, there are still plenty of details to be seen in the foreground climber’s boots, with the light pouring over the peak and somehow magically hitting their backs. It’s a marvelous shot.

Take a look over the photos and share your thoughts.




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