T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 Includes T-Mobile Tuesdays and Stock Up


The Uncarrier 11 event just wrapped up, and if you didn’t watch, I can sum it up for you pretty quickly. If you are a T-Mobile customer, prepare for free pizza and a Wendy’s Frosty dessert. If you aren’t a T-Mobile customer, no pizza or Frosty for you!

T-Mobile announced two new initiatives, T-Mobile Tuesdays and Stock Up. T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app, available on Android and iOS, which will act as a portal for T-Mobile customers to get free goodies every single Tuesday. As an example, this Tuesday alone, every T-Mobile customer (postpaid or prepaid) will receive a free medium 2-topping Domino’s pizza, Wendy’s Frosty, ticket to see Warcraft in theaters, and one free movie rental from Vudu. 

Tirelessly stressed by T-Mobile, T-Mobile Tuesday is not like other reward or loyalty programs. There are no tiers, points, or any hidden ways to sell stuff to consumers. All gifts are merely a “Thank You” for being a T-Mobile customer. Going beyond pizza and Warcraft tickets, special prizes can also be won, including a Warcraft viewing party for 40 of your friends (plus open concession tab), free Lyft rides for a month, plus much more.


The second part of Uncarrier 11 is Stock Up. With details regarding the program leaked last week, we already have a good understanding of exactly what to expect. Basically, any postpaid customer (or primary account holder on a family plan) will receive a single share of $TMUS stock. Currently trading at about $43, customers can gain an additional stock for every friend they refer to T-Mobile. Customers can earn up to 100 shares each year. So, if you refer 100 people at $43 a share, that’s $4300 in T-Mobile stock you would have. To begin managing your stock, you will need to sign up for a free brokerage service from LOYAL3. There are no fees to get or sell your share this year, plus no fee to maintain your account as long as you’re an active T-Mobile customer.

Existing customers can claim their T-Mobile stock starting tomorrow, June 7, through June 21 in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. To learn more about growing your ownership when you recommend T-Mobile, see more details here.

On top of T-Mobile Tuesdays and Stock Up, T-Mobile is also throwing in additional Gogo in-flight WiFi goodies. As of right now, T-Mobile customers can enjoy free SMS texting on any domestic flight for free using Gogo, but starting June 13, T-Mobile will also include iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Viber as part of the supported free-use services. When on a flight that has Gogo, simply connect and chat away using any of those apps on your smartphone or tablet. Lastly, T-Mobile is also gifting a free hour of Gogo in-flight WiFi for your web browsing needs.

If you are on T-Mobile, grab the T-Mobile Tuesday app by following the link below, then feel free to pop a bottle of $5 champagne and congratulate yourself on potentially becoming a shareholder in T-Mobile.

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