Google Keep Now Previews Links, Autocompletes Lists and Dodges Duplicates


A newly available update for Google Keep, the relatively simplistic and bare-boned note and list taking app, is bringing three new features. Now, when inserting links into notes, a preview of the link will be displayed inside of the note, making for a more fancy and info-centric appearance.

When making grocery lists, Keep can help you by autocompleting whatever it was you were going to write. For example, if you type “App,” Keep will fill in Apples, Apple Juice, or whichever word matches what you were trying to type from a list of possible options. 

Google Keep will now also help you avoid writing duplicate items inside of a list. If an item already appears on a list and is already checked off, then you attempt to rewrite it, Google will simply add that already scratched out item back to the list.

These changes are rolling out right now.

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