Google's Use of Oracl'es Java APIs in Android Qualify as "Fair Use," Says Jury


A jury returned a favorable verdict for Google today in their trial with Oracle over use of Java API’s in Android. The jury, after three days of deliberation, says that Google’s re-implementation of 37 Java APIs is protected by “fair use.”

I’m no copyright specialist, but this is  good news for both Google and developers. Not only does this save Google from what could have been a multi-billion dollar settlement, it alleviates some worries of developers who use public and open APIs for their own software. 

There will be an appeal from Oracle, I would imagine, so this thing probably isn’t over. Think about that – six years later, along with a 2-week trial, and this could still continue on. Woof.

In related news, Florian Mueller, a supposed patent and copyright guru who takes wads of cash from anyone willing to hear his expertise on why Google, Android, and all involving parties are evil in an attempt to bend the narrative, is throwing an absolute fit. Actually, the guy has been crying over this battle on his FOSS Patents blog for weeks, almost as if Oracle was paying him to do so. Oh wait. Do you, Florian.

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