Samsung Announces 10nm LPDDR4 6GB DRAM, Likely to be Used in Galaxy Note 6


At the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum this week in China, Samsung unveiled its 10-nanometer LPDDR4 6GB mobile DRAM (dynamic random-access memory), which is likely to be used in the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 flagship device. Without diving into technical specifics, the upping of RAM  should allow for better battery life and improved smartphone performance overall.

During the forum, Samsung also spoke about its “super-fast” UFS built-in memory, Dual Pixel image sensors, improvements to AMOLED technology, lithium battery product line (smartphones, wearables, etc.), charging technologies, and wireless WiFi modules. From that list, it appears Samsung focused on smartphones the entire time, which is fine with us.

Right now, there are only a few reported specs for the Galaxy Note 6 floating around, including a 5.8″ AMOLED display, Snapdragon 823 processor, USB Type-C, and IP68 water resistance.

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