AT&T Includes New North America Roaming Benefits for Select Plans


In what might be considered a humorous and topical usage of a metaphor, AT&T wants to “break down wireless walls” between the US and its neighbors to the north and south. To clarify, right in time for any summer traveling, AT&T is bundling a Mexico roaming feature into its existing Mobile Share Value plans of 15GB and higher. With this plan, customers receive unlimited calling, texting, and use of their data in and between Mexico and the US. This roaming feature will start being included in the Mobile Share Value plans on May 20. 

Furthermore, any new or existing AT&T customer on an Unlimited Plan will have unlimited talk, text, and data in both Mexico and Canada. This change also takes place on May 20. AT&T Unlimited Plan customers will need to separately add the AT&T Roam North America feature to each smartphone and the Roam North America Data feature to each tablet.

For those interested in these upgraded plans, note that AT&T is adding the benefit free of charge. However, to activate the change, customers will need to do so via AT&T’s online portal, in a retail location, or via the myAT&T application on your mobile device.

Business customers on a Mobile Share Value plan of 15GB or higher can get the new features, too. Those who activate on a new Mobile Select plan priced $20/month or higher will automatically receive Mexico roaming benefits.

These changes begin May 20, so if you plan on dipping into Cabo, or snowmobiling your way up to Canada this summer, mark it on your calendar.

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