Sprint Offering 12 Months of Amazon Prime for Better Choice XXL Customers


For potential Sprint customers who purchase a Better Choice XXL plan, which is 40GB to share across multiple lines, Sprint is tossing in 12 months of Amazon Prime ($99 value). This promotion is available to new customers, as well as customers who upgrade to the Better Choice XXL plan.

Monthly, this plan costs $100/month. As displayed in Sprint’s graphic below, that price is in addition to $20 per device for line access on non-discounted handsets, or $10 per device for line access from tablets/MBB (mobile broadband) devices. 

The Better Choice XXL plan also comes with no worries of overages. Any line that goes over its allotted amount will be kicked down to 2G speeds, although, the amount of data in technically unlimited. If that does not suit your streaming needs, which it probably won’t, Sprint offers an auto data buy-up option, charging customers $15 per GB of high-speed data.

Anyway, if you do decide to grab this Amazon Prime membership through Sprint, here’s how it works. Customers can sign up for Better Choice XXL via phone, web, or in-store, then following activation, you will receive a text with an activation link. Once your Prime membership activation is complete, you can begin to enjoy the benefits.

If going this route does not interest you, instead, Sprint can charge you $10.99 monthly for Amazon Prime as a plan add-on.


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