Google's Awesome Tap to Translate Available Inside 3rd-Party Applications


Thanks to an update for Google Translate, translating text from within 3rd-party applications just became a total breeze. Instead of copying and pasting the foreign text into the standalone Translate app, simply “Tap to Translate,” directly from within whichever app you are using. For example, if you are texting with someone in WhatsApp and they are speaking German, you can tap the Translate icon inside of the WhatsApp settings to translate the text. You can then even translate your own words and reply to them in German. The GIF image above details this process. 

This feature works for all of Google’s 103 supported languages, and even better, you don’t need a data connection to use it. If you know that you will be using a particular language frequently, you can download a language package for offline use. Previously, these language packages were massive, but with Google working a bit of magic, they were able to shrink the packages by 90 percent. That means they won’t crowd up your valuable onboard storage. And yes, audio is available for all of your translations, just as it is in the official Translate app.

For those in need, the Translate app is also receiving Word Lens in Chinese. Supporting both simplified and traditional Chinese, Word Lens allows the user to translate signs from a given language to and from English. With Word Lens in Chinese, Google states it is supported on menus, signs, packages, or other printed text.

For a straightforward look at how this works, watch the video below. If you are ready to give all of this a try, you will need to wait for Google to roll the update out, which will be over the next couple of days.

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