Don't Miss These Android Stories: May 6, 2016


Before you head into the weekend or as you consume the weekend, we have the top stories of the week for you below to catch up on. That’s right, we love you so much, we left out all of the fluff to help you gobble up all of the stuff that actually matters.

You will find the latest episode of the DL Show, check in on how everyone’s S7 and S7 Edge are holding up after two months, see why the LG G5 is still a decent option, and deal with our thoughts on the Huawei P9. Other stories include highlights of the new Google Keyboard 5.0, Galaxy S7 Active, new Samsung Pay banks, and LG’s new button-less fingerprint reader.

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    Tim Cook Talks Artificial Intelligence, iPhone's Future

    Secure software development doesn't need to be a conflict between pushy security teams and resista Marking the five-year point as the head of Apple, CEO Tim Cook spoke to the Washington Post about tax policy, the future of smartphones, and how the company plans to integrate artificial intelligence with its future projects.In the interview, Cook dismissed the idea of the iPhone accounting for two-thirds of Apple's revenues being problematic, calling the smartphone's dominance a privilege and expressing his belief that one day, every person on earth will own a smartphone.
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    NVIDIA SHIELD TV Tips and Tricks

    If you have already gone over our SHIELD TV review and are thinking about picking one up, or you already own NVIDIA’s latest set-top box, here’s a list of Tips and Tricks that will have you feeling like a pro SHIELD user.Here’s a few tips to make you a master SHIELD TV owner.
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    Samsung Mobile CEO: Note 7 'Was Like Heaven to Hell'

    DJ Koh's tenure as CEO of Samsung Mobile started out great.He didn't come out of nowhere: like the previous CEO, JK Shin, he'd risen up from Samsung Mobile's R&D division.
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    Bluetooth 5: Five Things For IT To Know

    Until then, here are five things you need to know about Bluetooth 5 and what it can mean for your enterprise.Along wth additional range, Bluetooth 5 is predicted to feature twice the transmission speed of Bluetooth V4.