Question of the Day: Do You Own a Fitness Band, Tracker, or Wearable?


Yesterday, Fitbit reported earnings that beat analysts expectations while announcing that the wearable company sold close to 5 million devices. Sure, their stock is getting hammered today because their outlook isn’t great, but with those kinds of sales figures, it’s clear that people are still very much interested in tracking fitness, steps, running, sleep, etc. So, because we haven’t ever asked this question, it’s time to ask if any of you own or plan to own a fitness tracker of some kind. 

As long-time readers will know, I have worn one for years, mostly because I have this odd idea in the back of my mind that the data will some day come in handy. I don’t necessarily wear one because I think it’s going to motivate me to workout. No, I am certainly aware of what it takes to get my blogger ass in shape. But I like seeing the numbers and the sleep tracking, and am hopeful that it’ll all give some insight into my later-in-life health. Fitness bands are also the best alarms ever.

What about you, though? Are you wearing a fitness band or tracker of some sort? If so, which one? Also if so, why? Are you doing it for motivation to get in shape? Do you just like seeing the numbers in a fancy fitness tracking app? Let us know!

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