eBay Receives Update on Android, Includes Navigation and Design Changes


In September of 2015, eBay launched a redesigned app for Android, and for the most part, it seems to be fairing pretty well with Android users. However, more can always be done, so eBay is releasing yet another big update for Android, as well as iOS, bringing more of a native feel for the application. According to eBay, the update is soaked in Material Design, offering changes to navigation, utility, and design. 

As stated by eBay, this update will, “restore some of the favorite features from previous apps, as requested by users over the past months.”

Listed on the changelog, the biggest changes will be optimization across different devices for the same eBay experience regardless of whether you are on a tablet or smartphone, a better managing of items you are selling, and a beefed up personalization effort.

This update is rolling out now to Google Play for Android, as well as the Apps Store for iOS devices.

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