Details and Screenshots of Google Trips App Hit the Web


Only a few days ago, Google was sending out invites to select members of its Local Guides program, hoping to find a few good people to test out an upcoming travel application. Since this is the Internet, many details, and even screenshots of the app, have made its way online. According to Android World out of the Netherlands, the app is called Google Trips. The app is essentially a trip organizer/planner, helping you keep track of all information pertaining to your trip. This includes any reservations you have, things to do in the place you are traveling to, and much more. To do this, it is possible that the Google Trips app will only need permission to access your Gmail account, then it can pool all of your travel data automatically without needing the user to plug in any details. 

Detailed in the screenshots, upon arrival, Google Trips will give you the 411 on getting around your destination. This information comes from the public transit systems that service the city. For example, if you fly into San Francisco, CA, Google will notify you about BART or where to grab a taxi. As we see written, these do not appear to be just automated details. Instead, the information is very detailed, as if an Local Guide (someone who deeply knows the area), wrote it for Google. This could be why Google was only reaching out to Local Guides (Rank 2+) to test out the application.

In addition to getting around your vacation spot, you can read detailed write-ups of where to eat, things to do and see, get an overview of all reservations associated with the trips (dinners, activity bookings), and other “Need to Know” tidbits. Again, it’s possible that much of the information provided in this app has been tapped from Google’s large Local Guides resource.

At this time, we still don’t know of any public launch, but the testing is taking place. We have Google I/O next month, so maybe we will see it soon?

Take a look at the screenshots below.

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Does this look like an application you might be interested in?

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