Fenix Returns to Google Play After Twitter Helps "Fix the Issue"


This morning, Fenix, the popular Twitter app on Android that hit Twitter’s ridiculous token/user limit, returned to Google Play. That seemed odd to us since the removal was likely a part of a realization that the developer shouldn’t be selling an app to users who weren’t ever going to be able to login. So we reached out to the developer and he responded with a somewhat cryptic Tweet that is certainly interesting, especially to other 3rd party developers worried about Twitter’s limit. 

In response to use asking if the return was due to the fact that Twitter gave him more tokens or “just because,” Matteo Villa said that he had “been in contact with the Twitter team and they’ve helped to fix the issue.” When probed further, Villa said that he was not able to provide any additional details.

Of course, our brains are now zooming. Does that mean that Twitter did indeed lift the token limit on Fenix? Did it give Fenix an additional 100K? Are they about to do something similar for all 3rd party developers? Does this mean Falcon Pro and others who reached the limit years ago can rise from the ashes?

We’ll see what we can find out.

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