Google Calendar's New "Find a Time" Feature Makes Meeting Creation a Breeze


According to Google, creating a meeting between multiple people is still in a pain in the rear. You have to double check everyone’s calendar to make sure they are free, and then sending the actual invites can be time consuming. With the new Find a Time feature in the Calendar app, scheduling a meeting that works with everyone’s schedule is made very simple, even if one party is in a different time zone.

Limited to those using Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education, as sharing schedules is the norm in some lines of work, Find a Time works to locate the best possible time for a meeting where everyone is free. If there is no free time, Calendar will look to see which conflicting meetings can most easily be rescheduled. 

Specifically, Find a Time only suggests a time — the user is still in control of which time they want to schedule a meeting. If you happen to manage someone else’s schedule, you can also make meetings on their behalf.

The app is being updated right now on Google Play, but again, make note that this feature is only available to Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users.

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