• Dolby Vision HDR Is an LG G6 Exclusive, But for How Long?

    Dolby Vision HDR Is an LG G6 Exclusive, But for How Long?

    When the LG G6 was announced, slipped in among all the talk about 18:9 aspect ratios and wide angle cameras, was a mention of Dolby Vision's image enhancement for smartphones.What Dolby has done is make it so that Dolby Vision can work on a variety of solutions, including different screen sizes, different resolutions, and both IPS and OLED displays.
  • How to Produce a World-Class Threat Intelligence Capability

    Download Learn how to overcome the political inertia that often accompanies building a threat intelligence team from the ground up.This white paper details how to merge operational and strategic capabilities to automate and analyze external attack data to identify current and future security threats.
  • AmpMe Provides Surround Sound on the Cheap

    AmpMe Provides Surround Sound on the Cheap

    At one point I tried to set up multiple Bluetooth speakers around my house synced with different devices; one with my gaming PC, one with my laptop, one with my phone, one with my tablet.If the device in question is also synced to Bluetooth speakers, it creates a makeshift sound system.
  • Empowering the Overwhelmed SOC

    Empowering the Overwhelmed SOC

    Download While security teams continue to add their threat protection arsenal, they are struggling to keep up with the threats.Security information and event management (SIEM) products, threat analytics platforms, advanced endpoint protection (AEP) products, user entity behavior analytics (UEBA) tools, and incident response platforms all help increase visibility into threats, but significant gaps remain in how security analysts ingest and process data from these tools.
  • Drowning in Data, Starving for Actionable Intelligence

    Drowning in Data, Starving for Actionable Intelligence

    Download Organizations must not only choose intelligence sources that provide timely and relevant data, but they must also consider how they will integrate that data into their existing technologies and processes.Additionally, organizations must have practices in place to help them act on intelligence once it's available, or they're sure to suffer minimal returns.
  • Lifehacks for Network Techs Guide

    Lifehacks for Network Techs Guide

    Download Empower yourself with our new network tech lifehack.Download our guide and learn:*How to treat slow or disrupted connections*When to blame the ISP*A quick and easy way to troubleshoot PoE*The best prevention strategies*How to connect with management for speedier troubleshooting*How to take advantage of existing data
  • Global Visibility is the Difference

    Global Visibility is the Difference

    Download Today's cyber threats are increasing in volume, diversity and sophistication, rapidly outstripping the ability of point security solutions to safeguard critical data, applications and systems.Network-based security from Level 3 replaces these vulnerable point solutions with a multi-layered approach that enables us to predict and detect threats, then alert and secure our customers' network and infrastructure.
  • Survey Report: The Future of Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Survey Report: The Future of Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Download While public cloud storage has its place, it is not perfect for everything.A hybrid solution enables businesses to offload data to the public cloud while keeping control over sensitive data on-prem.
  • How Object Storage Delivers Better Backup: Analyst TCO Report

    Download Most data protection solutions make you choose between two imperfect storage options: high-cost disk or high-maintenance tape.There is a third option: object storage as a backup target.
  • Wi-Fi Performance: Determing the Cause of High Retry Percentage

    Wi-Fi Performance: Determing the Cause of High Retry Percentage

    Download Advances in Wi-Fi technology have made Wi-Fi the preferred access method for everything from social media to business-critical applications.With these advances comes one unfortunate side effect for network engineers: people expect things to work.
  • Evaluating Endpoint Security Solutions Across the Cyber Kill Chain

    Evaluating Endpoint Security Solutions Across the Cyber Kill Chain

    Download The Cyber Kill-Chain is an intelligence-led framework that follows activity against a given organization by persistent threat actors.The kill chain measures the effectiveness of security assets across all types of threats.
  • Intelligence Driven Defense Scorecard

    Download Defining Cybersecurity Maturity Across Key DomainsWhen assessing an organization's cybersecurity maturity, Leidos examines 15 key evaluation domains of an organizations operations and rates them on a four point scale.What does success look like?
  • A False Sense of Cybersecurity: Three Pitfalls to Avoid

    Download The cyber awakening has many companies evaluating current security measures including people, processes and tools.The conversations within our organizations have evolved, but are the investments we're making truly protecting us against today's sophisticated adversaries?
  • Better Backup With Software You Already Have

    Download You Know the Pain of Backup: Slow.Unrealistic RTO/RPOs.
  • The Rebirth of Endpoint Protection

    The Rebirth of Endpoint Protection

    Download Advanced endpoint protection shows significant promise for protecting endpoint devices.However, this emerging market is rapidly growing and in a constant state of flux.
  • Network Based Security Infographic

    Network Based Security Infographic

    Download To stop network threats, you first have to see them coming.And if you're not utilizing a state-of-the-art security platform that monitors the complete threat landscape, you're not detecting the multitude of threats out there waiting to attack.
  • 50 Shades of Dark: How to Use the Dark Web for Threat Intelligence

    Download There's a lot of talk about the dark web these days, including how cyber criminals use it to spread malware, leak intellectual property, and publish user account credentials.Using open source intelligence (OSINT), our team explored the surface, deep, and dark parts of the web and investigated the links between them.
  • Google Teases New Android Games, Play Store Updates

    Google Teases New Android Games, Play Store Updates

    Although some of the new games are designed for virtual reality, arguably the biggest title—Transformers: Forged to Fight—is not.Transformers: Forged to Fight will be released on April 5, and you can pre-register on the Google Play store today.
  • LG X Power 2

    LG X Power 2

    Tucked away in the corner of LG's booth we found the X Power 2, the successor to the original X Power we reviewed last year and liked for its exceptionally long battery life.Compare Similar ProductsCompare LG X Power %displayPrice% ZTE Warp 7 %displayPrice% Samsung Galaxy J7 %displayPrice% LG K10 %displayPrice% LG G6 %displayPrice% OnePlus 3T %displayPrice% Design Like the original X Power, the X Power 2 is a large polycarbonate slab that doesn't particularly stand out in terms of design.
  • T-Mobile, Sprint Might Call Gigabit LTE '5G'

    T-Mobile, Sprint Might Call Gigabit LTE '5G'

    At press conferences introducing new network technologies here, execs from T-Mobile and Sprint demurred when asked whether they would brand their upgraded "gigabit" 4G LTE networks as "5G" in the future.I think that the gigabit LTE path that we're on is our path to 5G, [but] I think 5G is more than just gigabit LTE," Sprint CTO John Saw said.