Four Strategies to Reduce Your Open Source Risk


Download Try to think of a single system in the world that hasn't been touched by open source software. Whether included in the product or as part of the development environment, open source plays a dominant role in the success of software development teams everywhere. It's not surprising that every developer has their favorite open source tool to solve particular problems because they understand the substantial time and cost savings when reusing code built by an expert code they don't have to worry about.

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    Dropbox Paper Now Open to Anyone; Gets iOS, Android Apps

    The cloud storage company on Wednesday opened up its Paper beta so that anyone can sign up without the waitlist.First announced in October, Paper lets you create and collaborate on documents, as you can with Google Docs or Evernote Business.
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    Vic Gundotra Hates Android Phone Cameras

    I say that because Vic took to Facebook this weekend to share a photo of his kids that he recently snapped with his iPhone 7.But he wasn’t talking about phones in general, he was talking only about the iPhone that Apple makes.
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    Uber by the Billions

    GMT on Saturday, June 18, got a US$450 gift from Uber -- the number is significant because Uber now operates in 450 cities across the globe, Kalanick said.Despite its successes, Uber's road to success has not been entirely smooth.
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    Report: Amazon Working on Another Echo With a Touch Screen

    Has the Amazon Echo been a runaway hit?Now, Amazon is taking the next step to further their lead, according to a report out of Bloomberg, who claims that the next version of Amazon’s Echo may include a touch screen.