What Does Your iPhone Smell Like?


It's crazy to think that it's been a decade since Apple unleashed its little pocket-sized super gadget. Not only has the iPhone cemented Apple as the world's most powerful brand, it's fundamentally changed the way society functions. That's not an oversell.

The first-generation iPhone marked the beginning of the modern, ubiquitous connected mobile era. Suddenly the Internet was no longer a thing that plugged into the wall in your house, it was a thing that followed you out onto the streets and into your daily commute.

The iPhone also also introduced consumers to the concept of a multi-touch interface. No longer was the virtual world something you accessed through the medium of a mouse and keyboard; it was something you could literally reach out and touch—not to mention, pinch, tap, and swipe.

By any metric, the iPhone has been nothing short of revolutionary. And, as is the case with any revolutionary notion, there can be a steep learning curve for the masses. Consumers didn't know quite what to make of this crazy new product. What kind of things are normal? What kind of things should we expect?

So, it's perhaps not so surprising to find that users took to the official Apple "Discussion" forum to talk about the odd smells and aromas emanating from their magical little future slab (be they real, imagined, or outright fakes). Let us take an alternate retrospective by remembering past generations of the iPhone with some of the confusing aromatic experiences users had at the time!

Note: We found these by searching the phrase "iPhone smells like" on the discussion board. The vast majority of the query returns had to do with burning smells, which we didn't include.

iPhone smell

Note: A nail polish aroma was a common complaint in the iPhone 4 era.

iphone smell four

iPHone five

iPhone smell

iphone smell two

iPhone smell six

iPhone smell 7

There was no official suggestion from Apple on this one, but I feel like this one probably has an easy fix.

iPhone smell 9

Apple irked iTunes users in 2014 when it gave all users a free digital copy of Songs of Innocence, U2's latest album at the time. That seemed like a cool idea until it was discovered that Apple automatically placed Songs of Innocence into iTunes users' accounts. Naturally, this caused quite the stir; people weren't too keen on having content forced in their accounts without their consent.

iPhone smell u2

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