4 Top Tips for Preventing and Mitigating Application Downtime


Download By following a few simple rules, organizations can maintain the availability they need without breaking the bank.

How much would it cost your company if your IT systems were down for a few minutes? A few hours? What about a few days?

In our always-on digital economy, a significant unplanned outage could be enough to drive some organizations out of business. For others, the results of an outage may be far less dramatic. But although the cost of downtime varies from company to company, it's always painful.

And for an IT manager, a lengthy downtime could mean the loss of a job.

Managers know that they can prevent or mitigate outages with a disaster recovery (DR) plan. However, with DR planning, there are always trade-offs --- companies must balance the amount they are willing to spend on DR against the cost and likelihood of an outage.

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