Facebook 'Instant Verification' Speeds Up Android App Logins


Signing in to apps on your phone can be a hassle, but a new tool from Facebook is intended to help speed up the process for those who authenticate using Facebook credentials.

The latest Facebook SDK for Android adds "instant verification" to Account Kit, Facebook's phone number and email login solution. So if someone signs into an app using their phone number, Facebook will cross-check that number with the one on their Facebook accounts. If there's a match, you're instantly signed in. If not, Facebook will send you a text message with a code to enter.

Developers will need to add this functionality to their apps, and you'll need to be signed into the main Facebook app on the same device for instant verification to work. But "initial tests show that people entering an app through the instant verification flow have a 97 percent conversion rate," software engineer Ethan Goldman-Kirst wrote in a blog post. See it in action below.

Facebook says Account Kit complements Facebook Login, a sign-in option the social network has long offered to third-party sites.

"This feature is used only to improve the verification process in a secure way and no additional Facebook information is shared with the app," Goldman-Kirst said. "We believe this update will make signing in with phone number faster and easier, especially for people in areas of the world where SMS delivery is not reliable."

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