New Samsung Phones May Contain LG Batteries


Samsung needs to rebuild trust with consumers following the mass recall of the Galaxy Note 7, which could explode potentially causing serious harm to both person and property. That was down to a design flaw in the handset, but ultimately it was the battery that caused all the damage.

So how do you guarantee your new smartphones won't also explode? As well as designing and testing new handsets much more thoroughly, Samsung could opt to use someone else's batteries, and it looks as though that's what the company is trying to do.

Reuters reports Samsung is attempting to strike a deal with LG Chem for a supply of phone batteries. Currently, Samsung uses batteries manufactured by its own Samsung SDI subsidiary as well as Amperex Technology. LG Chem currently supplies phone batteries to LG's own line-up of handsets, such as the LG G5, as well as Apple's iPhone range.

Adding LG batteries to the mix would introduce some new diversity and likely confidence for Samsung with consumers, especially if the expected Galaxy Note 8 opted to use LG batteries exclusively.

The news of an LG deal comes via South Korea's daily newspaper Chosun Ilbo, which reports an industry official as stating there's "more than a 90 percent chance of a deal being struck." If so, LG would begin regular shipments in the second half of 2017.

LG Chem started mass production of lithium-ion batteries back in 1999 and now counts of one of the largest manufacturers of batteries for use in mobile devices and the automotive industry. With eight factories in its home country of South Korea, as well as another 14 manufacturing subsidiaries worldwide, it should have no problems taking a large battery order from Samsung.

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