Never print another lost dog poster again with Trakz GPS for pets


We all love our pets. Dog people, cat people, whoever we are, we can all agree that we would never want to lose our furry friends. Trakz wants to help make sure that never happens.

This Britain-based startup created a pretty simple solution. To keep track of your cats and dogs, all you really needed was a GPS tracker. However, Traks kept going. They also want to make sure they get the exercise they need and the right amount of food. Basically, they created the Fitbit for pets.

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Attaching the device to your existing cat or dog’s collar is simple. Just insert it into the included zip-up sleeve. When the battery needs charging, simply unzip the sleeve and remove the tracker. There is no need to constantly undo the pet’s collar. The battery will last you about five days with constant updates. If you choose to have fewer updates, the battery will last much longer.

When you first activate the product and the accompanying app, you can create a “safe zone” within your home or neighborhood. Every time your pet exits this zone, a notification will be sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, you can pull up a map to see additional details. This ranges from the pet’s current location, to the distance they traveled, to how long they have remained active. Their exact pathway can be examined or you can check out their favorite spots with heat maps. If the battery dies before you have a chance to get to it, now you’ll at least have an idea of where they could be hiding.

Currently, the collar is up for pre-order with an expected ship date of Spring 2017. If you pre-order now, the price drops from roughly $160 to $100. This price also includes a yearlong data plan to keep the GPS tracker going.

For anyone who has worried about losing their dog or cat, this is the answer.

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