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There was a time when the only thing keeping you connected to cable TV was live sports. That’s about to change with the big, beautiful 4k Ultra HD Sony X850C or X830C series TV powered by Android. You’re already streaming most of your content anyway – why not stream it, along with everything on your mobile device, straight to the TV. Ranging from 43 – 75 inches in size, the X1 PRO processes every pixel into sheer home-entertainment perfection. With a Sony’s Android TV and a few simple steps, you can finally break up with cable in favor of internet delivered TV, and still catch all the broadcasting you love.

Test your bandwidth.
There are a few options to test your home connection speeds. We like Just make sure you have at least 5MB per second for a single Netflix stream. The more devices streaming in your home, the more bandwidth you’ll need. But test during peak times – obviously that’s when you’ll need it most.

Choose an HDTV antenna.
This inexpensive (around $10) solution will give you access to all your local, over-the-air TV networks like FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC, and that opens the door to all the live sports and news you don’t want to give up – believe it or not, this easy, relatively cheap modification may be the biggest thing standing between you and that costly monthly cable package. But different homes get different signals so check out our guide on choosing the best HDTV antenna for you.

Get a dedicated set-top box.
The small, hardly noticeable Roku 3 (our favorite) is only about $100 and offers an easy-to-use interface, that lets you search by the name of a show, movie or actor, where you can find it and how much it costs. The Roku device connects to your TV through an HDMI port and while you stream the Internet through WIFI, you can also hardwire it via the Ethernet port. A micro SD slot also allows for extra storage, like on movie night and a side USB port makes it easy to share music and photos right through your television. The best part: Roku’s remote doubles as a game controller, with a headphone jack so you can listen to the on-screen action from the comfort of your couch, without anyone else having to listen.

Clear all of the clutter.
If a set-top box is not your thing, there are many different options to stream content without adding another piece of hardware to your entertainment center. The Sony X850C/X830C series TV’s powered by Android come with direct access to the Google Play store which has hundreds of apps at your fingertips. From social media, entertainment and culture, as well as  photography, there is an app for everyone in the family. 

Pick your streaming services.
Netflix and Amazon are putting out some of the best original shows on TV, and though their movie libraries do have a lot of crossover titles, they also offer lots of great kids’ stuff. Google Cast and Hulu+ lets you access much of what you’d find on basic cable TV within the controls of the Sony X850C/X830C. The Google Play store grants access to hundreds of apps and Sling TV is also a great add-on for many basic cable channels, including ESPN and live 24/7 sports – which solves the sports problem. It’s just $20 per month and there’s no long-term commitment. So why do you still pay for cable TV?

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